Corona Treater

Corona Treater

Our product range are Bare Roller Treater ( for Aluminum Foil / conductive films Corona Treatment with Ceramic Electrodes ) , Narrow Web Treaters , Corona Treater Machine and Corona Treater Systems for Blown Film Extrusion Plants for Monolayer and High Speed Multilayer plants, On-Line Corona Treater for Rotogravure / Flexo-printing machines, Woven Sack Roll Printing, and serving different industries.


Our Range of Products:

  • Corona Treater
  • Corona Treatment System
  • Corona Generator
  • Blown Film Corona Treater
  • Narrow Web Treater
  • Bare Roller Treater


Corona Generator Key Features:

  • Latest IGBT based Technology.
  • High Frequency (Silent) operation 10-50 kHz.
  • Power Efficiency above 90 %.
  • Pulse Width Modulation Technology for Steeples Control of Treatment Power.
  • Fine controls of output power through ten turn lockable potentiometer.
  • Wide load matching, 5 to 1.

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