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  • Flexible Printing & Packaging Industry
  • Converting Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Non-Woven Industry
  • Aluminum Foil Industry
  • Tarpaulins Industry
  • HDPE Woven Sacks Industry
  • Glass Industry
  • Jute Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Yarn Industry
  • Fiber Industry
  • Carpet Industry
  • Artificial Leather Cloth / Vinyl
  • Leather Industry
  • Technical Textile Industry
  • Tyre-Cord Fabric Processing Industry
  • Plywood & Laminates Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Sheet Metal Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • FMCG
  • Glass Industry

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    Wrinkle Removing Rolls

    Bow Roll

    Bow Roll working with single and double acting. Types of bow roll available with high quality synthetic nitride sleeve rubber sleeve covered. Metal expander with hard chrome plated surface for high speed application. Vary bow expander roller, teflon sleeve expander roller for non-sticking application.

    Metal Expander Rolls

    Metal Expander Roll with individual segment rotating type, single piece rotating type also with hard chrome surface. Carbon Steel Designed and angle adjusting worm

    Slat Expander Rolls

    Expander rolls like Salt, Strip and Polyband expander roll for some web materials like pp/ld/ldpe. Suitable upto 120″ working width, Diameter 140 mm and working if the web width is more than 1000mm. Maximum Working Width 2500 mm

    3 Curve Bar Expander

    3 CURVE BAR EXPANDER ASSEMBLY run two web/fabrics having separate widths on this device. Featuring to remove wrinkles from Textile Processing machines like Stenter Machine, Dyeing, Calendars, Bleaching, Drying Ranges, Bow weft straightener and more

    Web Master

    The unit consists of two numbers jointed axle bowed Rolls light duty or heavy duty as per application/fabric tension.

    Scroll Roll

    Scroll spreader roll, scroll roll mounted on foot mounting pedestals, scroll roll spreading system, reverse forward thread roller (aluminum / m.s., steel), parabolic camber scroll roller. LH-RH Grooving is applied to get maximum result.

    Grooved Roll

    Rubber and diamond grooved spreader roller. Rubber Grooved Spreader Roller is ideal in delicate film application, such as Metaliser. It is having unique groove pattern, capable of handling delicate films with accurate wrinkle removing process